Course Outline

Social Media Manager Pro is a complete end-to-end training course that teaches students how to start a home business as a successful social media manager.

The training includes videos, handouts, and extensive resources for creating and launching your brand and your business.

This "business in a box" covers how to set up your website and social media profiles to successfully market yourself; how to package your products and services to create customized solutions for your clients (including best ways to bundle, how much to charge and “a la carte” services); best practices for finding new clients, following up with potential clients, and marketing your business to have potential clients come to you; detailed walk-throughs on how to maintain all aspects of clients’ accounts—from reputation management to daily tasks for each social media property; tips and tricks to optimize processes to work at maximum efficiency; in-depth training and templates for invoicing, billing, client contracts, payment, tracking, and reporting; and additional bonus modules.

Get more Social Media Manager Pro Training details  in the module-by-module course breakdown below:

  • How to get started and the biggest mistakes that you can avoid
  • Hear from people just like you who completed this training and have gone on to create successful Social Media Businesses
  • Learn what a Social Media Manager does and what it takes to be in high demand

  • Setting up your network to attract clients so you NEVER have to sell your services
  • How to give your network the “look” of a professional that puts you in the top 2%
  • Who to start connecting with first and what to say to get your very first client
  • Your #1 Source of referrals so that you NEVER have to pay for advertising

  • The 3 Big packages that are proven to sell best to first time clients
  • What NOT to offer your clients that can suck up all your time
  • 3rd Party providers that can double your net income with no additional work on your part
  • How to close the deal and get paid before you do any work

  • The four main types of clients you can specialize in and who pays best
  • How to get INSTANTLY known as an expert in your local business community
  • Our secret system that gets any potential client to call you back fast…
  • How to get stopped everywhere you GO by potential clients (This one is Ninja)

  • Your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks for each client that can take just minutes per day
  • Create high level strategies for all types of clients
  • Reputation Management training to protect your clients when something unexpected happens
  • Research & automation tools that save you time and maximize client benefits

  • Monthly reporting recap to demonstrate your value as a Social Media Manager
  • How to deal with difficult clients and conflicts of interests
  • How to expand your income by bringing on sub-contractors and employees
  • How to build your business so that you can sell it someday

  • How to easily spot businesses right in your own backyard that are desperate for your help
  • Get your first client in your first days as a social media manager
  • 5-step Quick Start system to get results for your local business clients before you even close the deal
  • Easy to fulfill services that will keep clients coming back, month after month

  • Build your online empire beyond doing day-to-day social media management services for clients
  • How to get serious media attention or even become a regular contributor to National Media Outlets
  • Create multiple streams of income to stabilize your business so that you never have to worry about losing a client
  • Position yourself as an authority so you have unlimited opportunity and earn the big bucks

  • An in-depth library of additional resources, samples, and templates for you to use in your own business and with your clients.
  • Dozens of audio FAQs on Blogging, Branding, Facebook, LinkedIn, Networking
  • Dozens more audio FAQs on New Clients, OutSourcing, Package Pricing, Reputation Management
  • And even more audio FAQs on Resources, Social Media Profiles, Testimonials, Twitter, Websites & WordPress

Our Complete End-To-End Training Course Teaches You How To Grow a Successful Social Media Manager Business Of Your Own