Social Media Manager Pro Faculty

Jesse Jameson

Co-founder / CEO, Social Media Manager Pro
Jesse Jameson has 15 years of Internet Marketing experience. He has worked with and coached some of today’s top Internet marketers. His particular area of expertise is as a Strategic Social Marketing Consultant; helping companies to leverage the demographic and psychographic data intelligence of Social Media and effectively apply it to all areas of their business. 

Kate Buck

Co-founder, Social Media Manager Pro
Kate Buck Jr. has worked with some of the top names in Internet Marketing and has consulted with hundreds of entrepreneurs, businesses, and nonprofits around the globe. She is the creator of a Social Media Manager training program in which more than 10,000 social media managers have participated and speaks at interactive marketing conferences and trainings around the country.

Curt Maly

CBDO & Co-founder, Black Box Social Media
Curt Maly has worked in a consulting capacity for Apple, Microsoft, and the USPS, among other clients.

He co-founded Black Box Social Media to assist business owners in utilize the latest web 2.0 technologies in order to generate greater profits. He has developed multiple social media marketing strategies that are proven to generate more leads and close more sales for his clients.

Tar'Lese Rideaux

Creator, Insta-Influence
Tar’Lese Rideaux is a powerhouse when it comes to social media and social networking skills. Spurred by the enormous response to her Instagram posts, along with inquiries as to HOW she has managed to make daily sales from Instagram, Tar’Lese created her own Instagram for Business course called Insta-Influence. To date, she has helped thousands of Instagram users increase their engagement, gain a massive following and get their brand in front of tens of thousands of clients in their target market.

Wednesday Reynolds-Wilcox

Publishing Director, Social Media Manager Pro
Wednesday has 15 years experience in corporate web management, product launches, email marketing, domain portfolio management, web localization, SEO, and online advertising.

Guest Faculty

Lisa Parziale

Co-founder, Portside Marketing
Lisa Parziale has 25+ years as a technology trainer and online developer. After many years as an executive in a Fortune 100 company, Lisa and her partner founded their own website development, SEO and online consulting services company, Portside Marketing.

Ryan Stewman

Creator, Show Up and Close
Ryan Stewman has an enormous range of experience: from selling 1,400 car washes in a day to closing millions in real estate deals weekly. He’s worked alongside or trained many of the top sales performers across multiple industries and is the creator of the sales training program, Show Up and Close.

Daniel Chiteji

Founder, Marama Local Business Marketing
Daniel Chiteji is a marketing consultant and social media manager specializing in YouTube and Google+ for businesses and brands. Daniel chose a focus on YouTube because as he says, “video is the future of search and marketing.”

Sharon Tannenbaum

Founder, Sharon Teaches
Sharon Tannenbaum offers social media management services and specializes in local search and reputation management. She is an expert at community management and at creating flourishing and engaging communities.

Ori Bengal

Creator, Make WordPress Easy

Ori Bengal is a marketing consultant, artist, designer, and the creator of an award-winning WordPress course. (He also couchsurfed for 6 years straight.)

Sugar Jones

Social Media Manager
Sugar Jones is currently Social Media Manager for SMMPro and a writer for Sugar in the Raw. She has been a brand ambassador for Nintendo, Invisalign, Vicks, and Verizon and has worked on campaigns for Ford, Harley-Davidson, Kodak, Stella Artois, and many others.

Sugar is an expert on community management and creating thriving online communities.

Clarence Fisher

Founder, Tulsa IM
Clarence Fisher has helped companies sell millions in product dollars worldwide. His current focus is on helping local business owners achieve their marketing goals. Clarence is known for creating highly profitable marketing systems for local businesses and for keeping client partnerships for “dang near eternity.”

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